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In this week's episode of “Our Community Is Cool as Hell,” check out the timelapse video that iFixit member Bexoro (aka Ben Orozco) made of his MacBook Pro repair. Ben accidentally bashed up the retina display of his MBP when it tumbled off a chair, turning the screen kaleidoscopic. “There was the initial shock of some garbled pixel lines on the screen, but it only seemed to go downhill from there as the rest of the screen slowly disintegrated to a pink and then finally a black,” wrote Ben. “School was about to start again in fall and I knew... Read More
Today we present you with a teardown treat—a back-to-back, device double feature! That's right, we tore apart the Apple TV 4th Gen, as well as the fancypants, Glass Touch, Bluetooth remote. It's been three years since the Apple TV has seen a hardware update, and we're hopeful that this new design is as repairable as the last. Spoiler alert: it is! The improved Apple TV stands in seeming defiance of Apple's obsession with making things thinner and lighter. With a beefier heatsink and power supply to support the dual-core A8 SoC, it stands a half-inch taller and more than 50%... Read More
No teardown is as highly anticipated as an iPhone teardown—so, to quell your curiosity, our teardown engineers ventured to the land down under and investigated the innards of an iPhone 6s. Getting into the new iPhone is almost as easy as it was before—thanks to some surprise adhesive lurking beneath the display. Once inside, though, the iPhone 6s quickly distinguished itself from its predecessor. Apple's new Taptic Engine squished the battery ever-so slightly, the display grew to accommodate additional capacitive sensors, and the A9 got a size bump from last year's A8. While we can't confirm the die size—the A9... Read More
We're in the 11th hour of teardowns, literally. We're very sleepy, so we'll skip the song and dance and just tell you what's inside the iPhone 6s Plus. Drumroll please… • The display assembly on the 6s Plus weighs in at 80 g—while on last year's 6 Plus, it weighed a measly 60 g. This astonishing 33% increase in weight is all because of Apple's new 3D Touch technology. That's some heavy stuff. • The battery capacity sits at 2750 mAh; a modest 165 mAh downgrade compared to last year's 6 Plus. Despite the downgrade, Apple claims battery life will... Read More
You might have noticed that there's no longer an iFixit app in the Apple's App Store. We are sorry for anyone this has inconvenienced. Not too long ago, we tore down the Apple TV and Siri Remote. The developer unit we disassembled was sent to us by Apple. Evidently, they didn't intend for us to take it apart. But we're a teardown and repair company; teardowns are in our DNA—and nothing makes us happier than figuring out what makes these gadgets tick. We weighed the risks, blithely tossed those risks over our shoulder, and tore down the Apple TV anyway.... Read More
On Friday, we tore down Apple's two newest iPhones and found something new lurking (quite literally) just below the surface. When we opened up the 6s, we discovered some mystery adhesive around a display that's already secured with screws. Weird. It's not as if past iPhone displays were in danger of falling out of the phone. In fact, they can be pretty tough to remove (which is why grunt-saving tools like the iSclack have a favored place in our tool bag). iPhone 6s, now with 100% more of that white band you can see under the display. But what was... Read More
The streaming device war rages on. It's been 2 years since Google cast its name into the ring, offering up their original streaming device—the Chromecast. Now, they've updated the second generation of their dainty dongle—the Chromecast 2015—with a new shape and pretty plastic colors. But wait, there's more! Google introduced a new audio-only counterpart to their device-streaming family, the Chromecast Audio. You know what that means? Double the teardown, double the fun! The last time we had a Chromecast on our teardown table we decided not to assign a repairability score, because there's not much in it to repair. These... Read More
Buy. Use. Break. Toss. That's the way life goes for roughly 40 million tons of electronic devices that are discarded every year worldwide. Pretty unsatisfying—considering that many of those devices could stay in use longer if only their owners plucked up their courage to fix them. True: gadget makers don't exactly encourage people to take initiative. Besides flooding the market with yearly upgrades, manufacturers often design electronic devices with a built-in breaking point (things like integrated batteries or non-upgradeable components). Worse, most companies don't release service information to the public, so when it comes to fixing a broken gadget—many would-be... Read More
Gosh iFixit, are you still on iPhones? Didn't you finish that teardown? Well, yes. But the truth is, we still had two questions left unanswered: How exactly did Apple implement the highly touted 3D Touch feature? What will that do to the screen repair procedure? To satisfy our curiosity, we cut, pried, hot-wired, and scraped at the display assembly of our brand-new iPhone 6s, and examined the entrails for signs and portents. Here's what we found: • The 3D Touch sensor assembly lives on the very back of the display panel, and is fairly easily separated from the backlight, display,... Read More
Happy fallidays! ‘Tis the season of the teardown and we just got our mitts on Apple's refreshed 21.5” iMac. This 1080p model may be just enough to whet your appetite before the Retina 4K teardown, but we're hoping the refresh is more than just a new EMC number. Grab a pumpkin spice latte and join in on the teardown fun! Inside the familiar slim chassis we found only minor modifications to better secure the antenna cables, and of course some new chips. Unfortunately, the hardware is pretty much unchanged and suffers a 1 out of 10 on the repairability scale.... Read More