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Sometimes when we take apart fun devices, we also release what we like to call “X-ray internals”—just for funsies. Set as the wallpaper, the X-ray internals give you a view straight through to the high-powered heart of your phone, tablet, or computer. There's one problem, of course: our X-ray internals aren't actually X-rays. They're just regular (albeit cool) photos of the internals, because we didn't have access to a portable X-ray machine. Until now. Our friends at Creative Electron let us pop the new OnePlus 2 into their X-ray machine and take a look-see at its insides during our last... Read More
For today's episode of iFixit Teardown Time, we present your pupils with a peek inside the Sony a7R II. Now we've been hearing all sorts of hoopla about Sony's second shot at their mirror-less flagship, so we pried open this pixel-powerhouse to demystify all the smoke and magnets. Spoiler alert: The hoopla is true. The a7R II is chockfull of droolworthy tech. But what really caught our eye was the electromagnetic in-body image stabilizer. Powered by miracles—I mean magnets—Sony's 5-Axis SteadyShot stabilizer is the first of its kind applied to a full frame sensor. The sensor floats on a bed... Read More
The box arrived at our office early one morning—nondescript, heavy, and unmarked. Its very ordinariness obscuring the splendor of its contents. iFixit is in the business of tools, tech, and teardowns, so cool stuff regularly shows up on our doorstep. But this was different. Two days earlier, we'd put in an order for a Simul-Focal Stereo Zoom Microscope on a Dual Arm Boom from AmScope. It had just showed up—somewhat earlier than expected—in all of its highly-magnified glory. And we were excited. We got a new toy! Any guesses? A photo posted by iFixit (@ifixit) on Jul 3, 2015 at... Read More
The 104 days of summer vacation are nearly over! Textbooks, existential angst, and student loans loom on the horizon. What's a student to do? In our opinion, the best way to prepare for the impending academic session is with plenty of studying, lots of coffee, and fully functional school gear. To help, we put together some awesome back-to-school repairs that will help keep your gear running, without depleting the ramen budget. Clothing Repair A professor I once had told a story about his pants splitting wide open during the middle of a lecture. Teacher or student, that's one back-to-school nightmare... Read More
Geoffrey Fowler has a friend with a Samsung TV that inexplicably stopped working halfway through a movie. Geoff's friend thought she had no other option than to replace it. Geoffrey—a writer with Wall Street Journal—wondered what it would take to fix the flat screen TV. And so, he went down the repair rabbit hole. “We ended up with a project that changed my view on our shop-till-you-drop gadget culture,” writes Geoff. “We're more capable of fixing technology than we realize, but the electronics industry doesn't want us to know that. In many ways, it's obstructing us.” Geoff's story is common... Read More
How long do you think you could go without buying new clothes? As in, no new pants. No new socks. Not even new underwear. A couple of months, maybe? Well, a group of DIYers is swearing off new clothes for a whole year. Instead, participants of the challenge—which launched on a blog called My Make Do and Mend Life—will repair, repurpose, and “make do” with what they have. Neat, huh? The blog, founded by Jen Gale, takes inspiration from the “Make Do and Mend” philosophy that was popular during World War II. At the height of the war, there was... Read More
There are two things we keep telling people about repair. (1) It's probably easier than you think. (2) If it's already broken and destined for the trash, you really have nothing to lose by trying. Words of repair wisdom from these ‘lil fixers. To illustrate those points, here's a video of a pre-tween trio pulling off a fan repair. The fixer kids take viewers through the whole process—from troubleshooting and cleaning, to repair and testing. Turns out the fan had a close encounter of the bitey kind with a puppy; the cord needed to be spliced and repaired. The kids... Read More
Google's latest gizmo—the OnHub—promises a new way to Wi-Fi. But is this just a router? Or the prophesied future hub of an automated home? We dove in to see if the OnHub does more than just what's on the tin. Speaking of tins … With a boatload of antennas, elegant design, and a huge speaker (of all things), this is like no router you've ever seen. There's certainly experimental tech in here. But the speaker is just a speaker, not the Echo's magnificent sound chamber. And the lack of microphones makes us wonder if the real home automation hub might... Read More
Drained batteries are a drag. Drained batteries on an iPhone—especially when it won't hold a charge for more than a couple of hours—is a super-mucho-grande drag. Dan Delany, a New York City resident and web developer at Spotify, has had his iPhone 4 for about 5 years—a pretty impressive run for a smartphone. Except lately, his aging iPhone hasn't been performing quite like it used to. “I've been putting off replacing my iPhone 4 because I hear the new iPhone 6SuperExtra will be made of a ridiculously-durable aluminum/unobtainium alloy that they use on spaceships and stuff,” Dan told us. “But... Read More
The Appleverse is chock-full of new and refreshed gizmos. First item of the fall Apple offerings on our teardown table—the iPad Mini 4. Apple seems to have homogenized their iPad lineup by putting an iPad Mini 3 and an iPad Air 2 in a fusion chamber—boom, iPad Mini 4. A fused display, 8 MP iSight camera, and 2 GB of RAM in the same 7.9″ mini form factor some of us love. While the design looks cleaner and the specs are better, repairability didn't improve correspondingly. The iPad Mini 4 inherits a miserable 2-out-of-10 score from both the Mini 3... Read More