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Sometime in the near future you'll venture into your dusty attic or musty garage and pull out a miserably tangled set of Christmas lights. As sure as Rudolph's nose is red, one of those light strings won't light up (if you ever manage to get them untangled in the first place). Millions will throw out their broken Christmas lights and buy new ones, but you will not. You are a strong, independent person. You will save Christmas (lights) this year. Thankfully, it's not too hard to fix Christmas lights. And iFixit's repair community has already compiled lots of tips and... Read More
When the Oculus Rift shipped way back in March, it was missing something the competition already had: VR controllers. Well, they're missing no more—the Oculus Touch controllers are finally here, and we got our grubby paws all over them. Each Touch controller packs 24 IR LEDs for tracking, three buttons, two triggers, a joystick, and a “thumb rest” capacitive sensor. This combination of inputs far outpaces the Sony Move or HTC Vive controllers, allowing the Rift to track thumb, forefinger, and hand position. The Touch controllers may share some silicon with last year's Steam controller, and some of the aesthetics... Read More
Making clothes that look good is easy. Making clothes that are durable, eco-friendly, socially responsible, and still look good … now, that's hard. But it's also worth it. Just ask Vaude. The German outdoor apparel outfitter is trying to remake the way we make clothes. Vaude went green long before sustainability became a buzzword. Back in 1994, Vaude introduced a recycling program to turn old Vaude polyester jackets and apparel into other products. Ironically, they couldn't do it—customers didn't send enough clothes back to run the program. Vaude clothes are built to last, so people kept using them instead of... Read More