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Grab the Kleenex, kiddos. You're about to shed a couple of tears (but, you know, the strong kind of tears—so it's okay). Sixteen years ago, Sony released the first Aibo—an adorably lifelike robot dog. Just like real dogs, Aibo responded to commands, played fetch, did tricks, interacted with owners, and had its own personality. Unlike a real dog, Aibo didn't eat your furniture or pee on your carpet. Some owners grew very attached to their surrogate pets, weaving the quirky little robot dogs into the fabric of their lives. But, it turns out, robot dogs can die, too—just like real... Read More
Summer is here, and the good ol' summer sun is in full force in our part of the country. As the temperature rises, a cool, crisp game of Tetris or a refreshing dungeon raid can help to beat the sun. But nothing kills a gaming session quicker than a broken controller or a bricked console. Don't fret! A few timely repairs can keep your gear running all summer long. To help, Wii (see what Wii did there?) rounded up a few repairs to give your broken gaming devices the 1-Up they need. Nintendo Repair An unmoving Mario and lifeless Link... Read More
Summertime is here! And that means the livin's easy, right? So grab your (mother)boards and hit the beach! Just in time for the season of sunshine, GoPro has launched its tiniest camera ever: the GoPro Hero4 Session. This lil' cube cam may be cute, but it definitely put up a not-so-cute fight on our teardown table. After heating, cutting, peeling, prying (and crying) we finally got it open! The Session is expressly designed to be waterproof, but that definitely put a damper on repairability. The glass lens cover is the only component that can be replaced without the utter destruction... Read More
We thought Apple might finally abandon their OG (original gizmo) money-maker. After more than a year, a truly new iPod Touch 6th Generation has landed on our teardown table. The good news? It's definitely more than just a refresh. Apple is bringing the iPod up to snuff with its current generation of iDevices with more features and even slightly improved repairability…hooray removable adhesive strips! With the adoption of the iPhones' now-standard peel-to-remove battery adhesive, the iPod Touch landed itself a 4 out of 10 on the repair scale. It's a small improvement from the previous generation's 3-point score, but hey…we'll... Read More
Orange is so last season. It turns out that durable is the new black. Trends are, by definition, fleeting—they stick around for a year or so before we all move on to the next fad. And that's especially true when it comes to clothes (fast fashion retailers like Forever 21 have made a mint on clothes that unravel as quickly as the trend does.) So there's a fun sort of irony in the newest fashion trend: clothes that are designed to last forever. The last few years has seen a resurgence of clothes and accessories that resist the impulse of... Read More
It'pec our mission to teach the world how to repair everything they own. But a successful repair often hinges on consumers having access to quality replacement parts. And all too often the right parts just aren't available—to anyone. No part, no repair. No longer. iFixit is partnering with Electronic Recyclers International (ERI)—the largest recycler of electronic waste in the world—to make repair possible for gadgets of all kinds. Together, we're working to keep as many electronics as possible in use and out of landfills. From their eight facilities in the US, ERI processes over 250 million pounds of electronic waste... Read More
A lot of people have fond memories of our parents' and grandparents' workshops. And we have a sentimental attachment to the musty smell of old wood shavings, the dusty jars filled with rust-mottled screws, the drawers tumbling over with ancient screwdrivers. For tinkerers, a worktable is like an altar to human industry and mechanical possibility. And a workshop borders on the sacred—a hallowed space, like a church. When artist Lee John Phillip's grandfather passed away, he left behind a workshop—its shelves buckling with decades of things that might prove useful someday. Phillips estimates that his grandfather collected well over 100,000... Read More
I get “Heidi-syndrome” when I don't get out on the trail often enough. For me, nothing cures the heart like mountains. I am a hiker. I live on the coast of California—an ecological sweet spot: three hours from the Sierras, four to Yosemite, and five to Joshua Tree. My backpack is always packed and ready to go, just in case I get a chance to hit the trail. And recently, I did. But somewhere on a hike in the Grand Canyon, I felt something give in my soul… er, sole. My boots have been through a lot—weekend hikes, snowshoeing in... Read More
Fairphone isn't your everyday mobile phone maker. While Google has a sprawling campus in Silicon Valley, Fairphone has just the one regular office in Amsterdam. Microsoft boasts a roster of about 100,000 employees; Fairphone has just 36. And while Apple has sold 500 million iPhones, Fairphone has produced and sold just 60,000. A drop in the bucket—but a significant one. Because the Fairphone project has the potential to change how we make, use, and reuse the phones in our pockets. Fairphone is building an ethical cell phone: ethically sourced, ethically produced, and now incredibly repairable. Rule One: Do No Harm... Read More
Last year we tore down the OnePlus One—an initial offering from a scrappy Shenzhen startup. Their first attempt didn't fare too well on the teardown table, scoring a middling 5/10 on our repairability scale. Given that assessment, we were impressed when OnePlus called us and offered up their second device, the OnePlus 2. With futuristic features like a USB-C port, 4 GB of RAM, and Optical Image Stabilization, clearly OnePlus has made some changes. But were they for the better? While the OnePlus 2's battery isn't immediately replaceable, the minimal adhesive and handy Phillips screws didn't put up much of... Read More